Born in Yorkshire, I started composing from an early age. My Mother wasn't initially keen for me to learn an instrument - thanks to two older sisters who always resisted music practice - but I always seemed to have natural passion for the piano and I would play at every opportunity I could find. After a sneaky performance in a school assembly, my parents finally agreed to give me piano lessons and I found a wonderful teacher and mentor who allowed me to pursue my inbuilt passion to compose.

Following two years of trying, and failing, to teach me to read and write music, I eventually learned about how the piano works and about chord patterns. In fact, I often refer to myself as a 'musical dyslexic' - I am so thankful to have found a teacher who encouraged my gifting and passion rather than stamping it out by forcing me to do grades.

The first proper piece I ever learned was 'The Heart Ask Pleasure First', which is an outstanding soundtrack piece written my Michael Nyman for the film 'The Piano'. My piano teacher played a few bars at a time and I learned it by memory over a few weeks. From then on it ignited a keen interest in film music and classical composition.

Ludovico Einaudi is also undoubtedly a great inspiration and I grew up listening to his music on Classic FM when my Father had it playing in our living room. Since those early teen days, I have had a love of minor chords and the beautiful and unique combination of strings and piano.

I'm now a Bristol-dweller and continue to be inspired by all sorts of things, but most often I just sit and play the piano for myself - for my own pleasure - and out of that my own compositions are birthed. One of the great wonders of music is that it has the power to communicate emotions that words cannot - in the Words of Victor Hugo;

'Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.'

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